Spreading Awareness about Autism

Spreading Awareness about Autism: the Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent

Having a child with autism can be one of the most difficult things parents can deal with. Whether it is a two parent household, single, or with the help of a grandparents, it is never just a walk in the park. But this is not a fact that the majority of the population will even encounter or understand fully. One of the best things an autism parent can do is seek help in the vast community of autism awareness.

Everywhere you look these days, there is some group fighting for the awareness of a cause, and autism is no different. There are communities, question boards, and extra help that can always be found with just a little bit of searching on the internet, Facebook, or even LinkedIn. This is an especially, almost, necessary tip or advice that any parent should take to heart, and truly consider.

Having a child with autism can be even more difficult if they are your first child. Dealing with the jitters of your first child, being unsure, having so many questions, on top of an all new set of questions concerning autism. Seeking these answers from people who have been in your exact same position is the most sound advice you will receive. And acting on the advice could really save you some heartache, frustration, and a few headaches to be sure.

Autism: the Good

With all things in life, your perspective of the problem can greatly sway its effect, whether that ends up being for good or bad. So another tip is to realize that just because your child is autistic, doesn’t mean that they are any more or less of a person than any other child. Most autistic children are exceptionally visually talented. They can remember things to such a precise degree that it is uncanny.

Realizing that talents that your child has is half the battle. Focusing on these talents with them helps to build their confidence, and goes a long way in helping with social interactions and making friends. Once your child has identified some of their strengths, they can continue to build on these, and even help other children with their skills!

Autism: the Bad

Having a child with autism can become exceptionally expensive. Whether your child is high or low functioning autistic, they will more than likely have to go to therapy. Most insurance companies will help with the cost of this, which is a real lifesaver.

Next, another tip for any parents is to try and recognize what ‘triggers’ your child. Figuring this out early on can help save you a lot of difficult times, that could have been avoided. So being proactive is a great tip. Knowing what causes your child to meltdown is half the battle, the other half is avoiding the catalysts.

Autism: the Indifferent

Something else that most parents don’t seem to realize is not everyone on the outside will ever truly understand what you are going through. No one will fully get it unless they have been there themselves. Sympathy and empathy only go so far for understanding. This is just a struggle you will have to take in stride.

Having a child with autism doesn’t mean they have to be any less of a person, so take these tips and put them to use. Reach out to a community near you and find the help you and your child need.